How to Bumfuzzle Telemarketers

Smile for the Camera

The first time I toyed with a telemarketer, I answered a call that interrupted my meal. I was annoyed anyway at the intrusion of an unsolicited call.  The male voice on the phone identified himself as representing a local photography studio He was calling to offer a special package of pictures.

“Don’t bother,” I said. “We’re not very photogenic,” I hung up before he could say anything further. up and going back to my dinner.

Is there anything more annoying than getting a phone call from a telemarketer. You’re ready to tuck into that juicy crock potted roast and the phone rings. Against your better judgment, you answer to find it is one more telemarketer wanting a minute of your time to offer you an exciting opportunity or to inform you that your computer is sending disturbing messages to the technology center.

Telemarketing is an annoyance, a nuisance, a “pain in the neck,” or “a thorn in the flesh” of the consuming public. Pick your cliché or add some new ones.

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