Old is Not a Four-Letter Word

Only as Old as You Feel?

It finally happened. It has taken long enough, but still, when it does happen, you can be taken by surprise. I’m not saying I was hanging around waiting for it to happen. I was sitting in a waiting room in early January, when the “old” man in a nearby seat asked me whether I’d had a nice holiday. “Yes,” I answered, “We had a quiet holiday—just my husband and me.”

“Don’t you have grandchildren?” There it was. The first time that anyone had asked whether I have grandchildren. Now, granted, I am old enough to have grandchildren, but I never thought that I looked grandmotherly. At least not in the way people have thought a grandmother looked. At least not enough for someone to so boldly ask. Actually, I don’t feel old enough to be grandmotherly. How does a grandmother feel? How does it feel to be old? When will I start feeling old? Continue reading Old is Not a Four-Letter Word