This time The Whole Written Caboodle welcomes a new voice to blogging. Bruce Campbell joins with this post about his experience one cold December day about 20 years ago when he worked in downtown Washington, DC.

If the last name is similar to mine, it is because I stole mine from him, about 34 years ago. And did I mention that we met in a creative writing class when we were both adults and the oldest two people in class? 😊

 Upon Visiting the Café Midi, DuPont Circle,
’Long About the Turn of the Last Century

There’s a strange etiquette among the beggars on the streets of Washington, DC. They do not, as a rule, accost passersby, but sit with their cups held out, obvious but not obtrusive. And, if you pass them again on your way back, having already donated, most will politely look away so that you won’t feel obliged to give a second time.

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