Sex Education?

Can you remember when you first learned about sex, a word barely whispered when I was younger. Quite often, we get our first knowledge from other children who seemed all grown up even though they might be only a year or two older. Then it was usually more misinformation than anything useful.

With uncertainty all around us, maybe we are needing a diversion, how about a scene with a young girl who is certain she knows exactly how some things work. I thought today that I would give you a snippet from a much longer work that I wrote. It is the story of a young girl, Patty. The setting is rural West Virginia in my mythical Timber County. The year is circa 1959, and Patty is visiting her cousin in Clarksburg, an actual town in West Virginia.

I allude, of course, to several happenings and people that appear in earlier chapters, but here is the part about Sex [mis]Education.

Of course I hold the copyright and all rights reserved. 

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