Be Thankful!

Thanksgiving or a Harvest Festival has been around in one form or another since the first hunter-gatherer said, “Enough of this eating by chance. I’m planting stuff to eat in this piece of ground.” Then when the food stuff pushed through the soil and grew to full size, that person gathered the grain and vegetables and was thankful to whatever he deemed responsible for not having to go into the forest and feed his family by the luck of the draw. It might not have happened that way exactly, but I’m telling this story and I’ll imagine it my way. (I’m reasonably certain they did not speak English).

There are historical records that the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Chinese (among others) celebrated a new harvest that would see them through the winter. At HarvestFestivals.Net, you can read about cultures who have celebrated this time of the year. You might be surprised that the Native Americans celebrated long before the Pilgrims arrived. Continue reading Be Thankful!

Long Strange Summer

What a long strange summer it was. Could there be anything more to take us on this year? This summer of pandemic, civil unrest, a rough election season. There were no concerts by the river or in the park, no fairs, no visits with friends, no carnival. None of the summer activities we enjoy and take for granted.  Maybe it’s time to stop, take a cleansing breath, and maybe have a little fun.

I spent a quite different strange summer several years ago. I spent it traveling with a carnival. I learned a lot that summer. It was a different world. A world peopled with many strange characters. There were families with small children. There were single people. There were still others with questionable backgrounds or not admitting to any background. There were unfamiliar terms and actions that were new to this rural girl. I also learned a lot about myself, but that is a story for a different time. A few years ago, I wrote a short story based on a composite of some of the characters I met and the life of the carnie all those years ago. I want to share that story with you now.  Maybe it’s time to stop, take a cleansing breath, and maybe have a little fun. Continue reading Long Strange Summer

I’ve Had Enough

I’ve had enough.  I once knew a man who was jumped in a dark parking lot by a couple thugs set on beating him. I don’t really know the reason, but it wasn’t a nice thing to do. After a couple blows, he said into the darkness, “He’s had enough.” Surprisingly, one of the thugs said, “Yeah, he’s had enough,” and they left him there. I certainly wish I could do that with the “political season.” 

Sex Education?

Can you remember when you first learned about sex, a word barely whispered when I was younger. Quite often, we get our first knowledge from other children who seemed all grown up even though they might be only a year or two older. Then it was usually more misinformation than anything useful.

With uncertainty all around us, maybe we are needing a diversion, how about a scene with a young girl who is certain she knows exactly how some things work. I thought today that I would give you a snippet from a much longer work that I wrote. It is the story of a young girl, Patty. The setting is rural West Virginia in my mythical Timber County. The year is circa 1959, and Patty is visiting her cousin in Clarksburg, an actual town in West Virginia.

I allude, of course, to several happenings and people that appear in earlier chapters, but here is the part about Sex [mis]Education.

Of course I hold the copyright and all rights reserved. 

This one is for Kim. Continue reading Sex Education?

When I Get Time

So here we are, all hunkered down in our homes until the all clear is sounded in weeks or, heaven forbid, months. What I do want to discuss are ways of passing the time while keeping social distance. Granted, some are serious, some silly. This was one thing I did while being isolated. So laugh or think I’m touched in the head but, all the same, enjoy.

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