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Margie Martin Campbell lives in the Ohio Valley of the Appalachian region of the US. She has two writing degrees and taught college composition and technical writing in community college is Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, and West Virginia.

In my first post, I mentioned that when I started this new endeavor, I had no idea how to begin. Lucky me. The Internet holds a world of information that can be had for the looking or the few dollars you spend when buying a book for a specific need. My experts had several suggestions that seemed like good ideas to me. Tell Something about Myself: I have always wanted to be a writer. I was eager to start first grade because that would be the beginning for me. Soon, I thought, I would be able to write down the stories I had in my head and not tell them to just my dolls. I even told my mother, “When I grow up, I’m going to write a new book for the Bible.” I don’t remember her exact response, but it had to be less than enthusiastic. Tell Your Audience What You Intend to Write About: There are several themes I want to write about, and I am sure more will present themselves as I continue to write. For now these few are where I will begin. Appalachia. Did you know West Virginia is the only state that is entirely in the Appalachian region. I have lived most of my life here. My parents and grandparents were born here. I care for the area and the people who live here, and I would like to see it be more than the butt of a joke or thought of as a place where all those “ignorant hillbillies” live. Appalachians are still fair game when one wants to make a comical stereotype of people. Genealogy. It is absolutely fascinating to go tree climbing in the hunt for past generations that have contributed to who I am now. Learn the answer to the question that many people ask when they know I am from West Virginia. It was a bit of a shock, but laughable. Books/Writing. My husband and I share quite an extensive personal library. I have half as much more in my e-reader. Fibromyalgia. FM is a condition of the central nervous system that causes fatigue and wide spread pain plus many attendant conditions. Carnival Life. It is true that in my twenties I joined a traveling carnival for one season. It is a hard life, there is a variety of people who work in the carnival. There are many difficulties when living on the road. Religious Studies. In religion, I tend to be progressive. I do enjoy reading and thinking on the subject. I hope to introduce you to some of my favorite scholars/authors. Education. Does educating a population cause less homelessness and more working people who contribute to the success of a country? If that be true, shouldn’t the government help students gain their education? Pet Peeves. Trendy grammar. People who blow their noses on linen table napkins. People who vote against their own best interest. TELEMARKETERS. And a few other things. Women’s Issues. Women need to be able to make the choices that will give them the best outcome in life. I am also interested in acts done by women to other women “for their own good.” One of these acts is Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Maybe not as drastic as FGM, but even in our society, women commit acts to the bodies and minds of younger women “For their own good.”  

This article was written by Margie Campbell

I have been "writing" since I could first hold a pencil. I would fill lines with squiggles thinking that could convey my ideas to the world. As I grew, so did my interest in writing. It really helped when I learned to make letters and to combine them into "real" words. I have a degree in creative writing and a Master's in English (tech writing specialty). I am retired from teaching all types of writing as an adjunct at community colleges in VA, MD, Ohio, and WV.

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    1. Pam, I’m so glad you loved it. I intend to keep writing anything and everything. Thanks for your encouragement.

  1. AwEsOmE! Sounds as though you have a tremendous variety of subject matter to share with us. My biological father lived in Moundsville, WV. About all I know of him is that he was a coal miner. I have 2 half brothers, whom I’ve never met, still living there.

    Can’t wait to read more

    1. Thanks, Lori. Keep coming back. I hope it gets better. I’m new at this but I hope to post at least once a week. I intend to include some short stories as well.

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