Some Reasons I Love Fall

I have loved Fall/Autumn since I first realized the seasons changed.

Activities of Fall

When I was four, I went on my first Trick or Treat, all over the town we lived in on the banks of the beautiful Ohio. I gathered enough candy 

A trick or treat favorite

to last until Christmas. I had always thought that I had garnered a lot of candy; however, in retrospect, I remember Mom putting it in a bowl on the sideboard and portioning it out to me, some every day. I have to tell you (also in retrospect), I’m disappointed.

In early Autumn, when there is just a trace of chill in the air, it’s great to gather with good friends around an outdoor fire to roast hot dogs and marshmallows. It’s also the time for remembering other friends near and far, recalling wonderful Autumn times of the past.

Colors of Fall

The colors of Autumn, the color of changing leaves—crimson, green, gold, and brown—are my favorite colors, any time of the year. The hills of West Virginia certainly do know how to dress for the season. Everywhere you look, you can see those lovely hues. It must have been the hills in Autumn that inspired the state song:

Fall Colors

Oh, the West Virginia hills! How majestic and how grand,
With their summits bathed in glory, like the Prince Immanuel’s Land!

Tastes of Fall

The foods associated with Fall are some of my favorites:
 ♦ gingerbread
 ♦ spiced apple cider
 ♦ shortbread and hot chocolate
 ♦ a mess of soup beans and ham with cornbread
 ♦ pumpkin pie
 ♦ sweet potato (yam) casserole
 ♦ hot dogs roasted over fire

Be Thankful

Recalling friends and good food leads me to think of Thanksgiving. This year I am thankful once again for those close friends who have become family, the beauty of the land, and the bounty of the table.

Yes, there is trouble in the world: ruthless politics, war, famine, disease, and poverty. We can care about those things but also be thankful that we have the means to help prevent or rectify them.

This article was written by Margie Campbell

I have been "writing" since I could first hold a pencil. I would fill lines with squiggles thinking that could convey my ideas to the world. As I grew, so did my interest in writing. It really helped when I learned to make letters and to combine them into "real" words. I have a degree in creative writing and a Master's in English (tech writing specialty). I am retired from teaching all types of writing as an adjunct at community colleges in VA, MD, Ohio, and WV.

3 thoughts on “Some Reasons I Love Fall”

  1. I like Autumn also, but I tend to get bogged down in all the tasks that need to be completed outside before Winter arrives. Maybe I need to think less about the work involved and more about the joy of the season. When I was little we would roll around in piles of leaves. What’s the use if we older folk just think of the leaves as work to be done? There’s no fun in that. Thank you, Margie, for reminding me of the joys of the season.

  2. I am grateful for my friends (yes, you and hubby!), for good writing (yes, yours!), and for all the different colors of the leaves of autumn/fall (you and me for example!)- A metaphor of what the world should look like; everyone is different and equally needed / beautiful!

  3. Lovely post, Margie, especially for someone like me who lives very close to Perth, the capital of Western Australia, where we call the season before winter autumn, not fall. Our indigenous trees don’t change colour and shed their leaves, and most of us don’t think about foods that go with the season.

    I found your blog on Pat Taub’s WOW site. I like making connections with other people with similar interests to my own. I have a PhD in Writing and I notice you also have two writing degrees. You might like to look at my site at

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