When I Get Time

So here we are, all hunkered down in our homes until the all clear is sounded in weeks or, heaven forbid, months. What I do want to discuss are ways of passing the time while keeping social distance. Granted, some are serious, some silly. This was one thing I did while being isolated. So laugh or think I’m touched in the head but, all the same, enjoy.

1. Binge watch. Find a TV series you have enjoyed, one you are curious about, or wish you had watched. I had never watched Law & Order SVU, but I was a bit curious. I had started watching before the virus, but now, I am bingeing it. It is interesting to watch the episodes close enough together to see the changes in personnel and personalities. With 21 seasons, I’m set for a while.

2. Fold that nagging basket of non-urgent laundry you have been tripping over for what seems like ages (maybe it has been). I still have to get to this.

3. Learn something new or brush up on a subject you already have studied. Several organizations offer free classes online. Some for credit; some just for the heck of it. The Great Courses has a terrific series on the Black Death [the Great Plague, the Pestilence]. There is a fee for this one, but it is very interesting to see how a major plague tracks.

A. Academic Earth(https://academicearth.org/?s=free+courses) claims to have 750+ Free Online Courses from the Best Colleges. Best colleges? How about Oxford, Yale, Berkeley, University of Chicago, and Stanford among others?

B. Lifehack.org has a list of “25 Killer Sites for Free Online Education” (www.lifehack.org/articles/money/25-killer-sites-for-free-online-education.html). It looks to be true. If you can’t find anything on these sites that arouses your curiosity, Google “online courses websites.”

4. Organize your files, either in print or electronic. (I really need to do this.)

5. Climb your family tree. I googled “free genealogy sites,” and I got 125,000,000 results. Sorry, I have not checked out all of them, but there are some I have used in the past and found to be satisfactory.

A. Family Search (www.familysearch.org)

B. The National Archives (www.archives.gov/research) has valuable information for researchers. You can also find copies of America’s founding documents.

C. USA.gov (www.usa.gov/genealogy) is another government site with invaluable information.

D. RootsWeb (https://home.rootsweb.com) is also a good free site that I have found useful. On this site, you can connect to The WorldConnect Project. You can use this project to upload your family tree and connect with others doing the same type of research. The ambitious goal is one family tree for the entire world.

That’s enough to keep you busy for a while. If you really get into climbing, check out the Google search that I tried [see above].

To close, I want to share an old poem that I discovered many years ago. It gives some good advice with what you can do with extra time. It was appropriate for the time it was written. Some suggestions might still be useful.

When I Get Time
by Thomas L. Masson 1866-1934

When I get time –
I know what I shall do:
I’ll cut the leaves of all my books
And read them through and through.

When I get time –
I’ll write some letters then
That I have owed for weeks and weeks
To many, many men.

When I get time –
I’ll pay those calls I owe,
And with those bills, those countless bills,
I will not be so slow.

When I get time –
I’ll regulate my life
In such a way that I may get
Acquainted with my wife.

When I get time –
Oh glorious dream of bliss!
A month, a year, ten years from now –
But I can’t finish this –
I’ve no more time.

This article was written by Margie Campbell

I have been "writing" since I could first hold a pencil. I would fill lines with squiggles thinking that could convey my ideas to the world. As I grew, so did my interest in writing. It really helped when I learned to make letters and to combine them into "real" words. I have a degree in creative writing and a Master's in English (tech writing specialty). I am retired from teaching all types of writing as an adjunct at community colleges in VA, MD, Ohio, and WV.

5 thoughts on “When I Get Time”

  1. Timely. Love the suggestions and have done some of them. Kip and I are reading a book I bought some time ago on the Middle Ages. Very interesting and surprising! It is so interesting to have have my entire day, every day stretched out before me with absolutely no schedule.

  2. Lots of great suggestions here. I may look into online courses. My medical friends tell me it will be months and not weeks until we can move about to a degree that feels somewhat normal. It’s good to have bloggers like you who share our discomfort and offer solid ideas for enduring our isolation.

    1. Pat,
      Thanks for your comment. I have taken some of the Great Courses, and they really are great with top notch teachers. Many of the presenters are not only famous in their field but among the general population. I have/am taking a couple free courses. One course from Yale in Religious and one Studies Appalachian Studies from a different place. It seems I have been an autodidact all along beside my formal education and have become worse with age.

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